Spare Parts

Your source for OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality elevator spares.

Bangkok Lift & Crane Co., Ltd. offers a vast range of components for elevators. Components are supplied to companies large and small throughout Thailand.
Our policy is that the component should be OEM quality as a minimum standard.
We sell various parts of all famous elevator brands along with many other OEM parts. Famous brands such as OTIS, Schindler, Kone, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc.



  • Safety Components
    • -Safety Gear
    • -Overspeed Governor
    • -Rope Gripper
    • -Oil Buffer
    • -Brake
    -Damping Pad
  • Door System
    • -Door Operator
    • -Landing Door
    • -Door Lock
    -Door slider
  • Electrical Device
    • -Voice Stops Reporter
    • -Air Condition
    • -Cable
    • -Fan
    • -Two Way Speaker
    • -LCD
    • -Resistor
    • -Light Curtain
    -Weighting Device
  • Cabinet Components
  • -Push Button
  • -COP
  • -LOP
  • -Display Box
  • -Car Cabin
  • -Car Ceiling
  • -Car Door
  • -Car Floor
  • -Car Handrail
  • Guide Rail and Accessories
    • -Guide Rail
    • -Guide Shoe
Hoistway Components
    • -Wire Rope
    • -Rope Fastening
    -Counter Weight
  • Other
  • -Oil Can
    • -Roller
    • -Compensation Chain


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