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Passenger Elevators

Passenger elevator adopts multiple traction driven method and is equipped with multiple safety and protection device to ensure safe operation; passenger elevator adopts VVVF technology, smooth speed adjustment, stable operation and comfortable to take, meets the requirements of modern high-rise building with personalized design of car structure and inner decoration.

Cost is controlled through large scale production and realizes best performance-price ratio. Observation elevator is produced to meet the further requirements of people, inside the elevator, passenger can enjoy the outside landscape and visual feeling brought by modern equipment. Observation elevator is adopted with traction driven method, energy saving, high efficiency and security, is widely used in large buildings and places such as hotel, office building and so on.


There are 2 types of machine


1.Traction Elevator

Traction Elevators are designed for medium to high rise buildings having over 50 feet of travel, where quality performance and high speeds are desired.


2.Machine Room-less

All elevators, whether traction or hydraulic, have required a machine room to store large electric motors (or hydraulic pumps) and a controller cabinet. This room is located above the hoistway (or below, for hydraulic elevators) and may contain machinery for a single or a group of elevators.


Machine room-less elevators are designed so that most of its components fit within the shaft containing the elevator car; and a small cabinet houses the elevator computer. The traction rope is configured for force multiplication in a complex pulley system. In this configuration, the traction motor moves more rope per distance traveled, but works half as hard due to force multiplication factors of the pulley system.



Specifications of Passenger Elevator




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