Detail on each type of Elevators

The different type of lift options which are available to you


1. Passenger Lifts

    These are the obvious type of lifts which most of us are familiar with in our day-to-day lives.     Capacities can vary widely from 4 or 5 people to quite big numbers in larger corporate     spaces. They are a legal requirement in all public buildings with more than one floor but they     are also worth the investment. If you have a block of flats to rent out, or are currently     conceptualising a new office space, a plush and comfortable lift could make all the     difference; a contented workforce or tenant-cohort is only going to make your life easier     and, whilst lifts are clearly a fairly big expenditure, you will be genuinely surprised at how     much it actually costs; prices don’t have to shoot through the roof.

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2. Freight Lifts / Service Lifts

    Another one which is fairly obvious, and will be familiar to all those of you who have worked     in warehouses or in retail. Staying with the latter for a moment, in a retail department store     for example, a goods lift can perform a double duty, serving as a passenger lift as well. This     is good news as it means you won’t need to install two separate lifts to carry goods and     passengers; you can do it all in one which, importantly, will help save money. Goods lifts can     be useful for all types of businesses, even those which you may not first consider; a pub, for     example, could make good use of one for transporting heavy barrels. When considering the     purchase of a goods lift you need to decide if it will also be used for carrying passengers as     this will affect the weight capacity which is required.

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3. Goods Lifts

    Similar to goods lifts, often used in the hotel and hospitality trade. They can hold weights of     up to 5000kg’s (if they are manufactured to certain standards) and thus can take the strain     out of necessary daily tasks such as a hotel laundry service. They have also been known to     be employed in offices where a lot of heavy boxes of paperwork need to be moved around     quickly, although this use is somewhat rarer.

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4. Dumbwaiters

    Dumbwaiters are small freight lifts not intended to carry people or live animals, but objects.     Dumbwaiters found within modern structures, including both commercial and private     buildings, are often connected between two floors, and often used in restaurants or in     private homes.

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5. Bed Lifts / Hospital Elevators

    Bed Lift or Hospital elevator is not only used to convey the passengers. It has been put with

    the special and strict requirements such as slow speed to prevent the patients affect when

    the lift is running.

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6. Home Lift / Disable Lifts / Through Floor Lifts

    Very similar to Vertical Platform lifts, they allow passengers to move swiftly through floors for     easy access; they can be attached to load bearing walls and are less ostentatious than a full     passenger lift.

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