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Cibes Lift Model A4000 is designed to help improve life for the better.

• Designed specifically for home and personal space is small.

• accessories and many customizable options.

• Safe and easy to use.

• installation and easy maintenance.

• Product quality has been certified.


A small elevator platform Cibes 4000 are based on the large elevator (Cibes A5000), which has been designed for use in homes and residential buildings in particular. With so many choices in a variety of lift devices, this will not only blend with your home. But also the glory of the house as well.

In almost every room of the house you want the freedom and ability to access Cibes 4000 is a solution fitting the selection Cibes A4000 to improve the quality of your life and add value to your home along the way.


• With a variety of colors and accessories.
• The elevator shafts, steel standard white color, number RAL 9016.
• The steel door RAL 9016 white color number that comes with panoramic windows as standard.
• There is a special aluminum door accessories.
• You can also use the color code for a variety of RAL.

Installation is easy.


The installation will be carried out by our own installation team spent a few days. Thanks to a series of semi-finished our business. Does not necessarily undercut the hole and the elevator can be attached to the surface without harming your home.


Cibes lift the A5000.


Cibes A5000 platform with 500 kg loading rate.
• improve the design.
• more functionality.
• Safety.
• Easy to install.
• low cost.
• Product quality. Has been adopted.


Cibes A5000 platform lift is the latest version of Cibes the coordinates of the weight, 500 kg!

• The design of a 500 kg lift platform raises up from the platform to lift 400 kg.
• Total compatibility with all the architectural environment.
• Choose a style to a wide variety of colors and materials, both in terms of safety equipment.
• Install a sudden and with little work.
• conform to European standards.


Cibes lift the A8000.

The platform is designed to lift payloads up to 1000 kilograms.

Cibes A8000 is a platform lift is designed to develop and harder to get up to 1,000 kg and is suitable for all types of environments.


From personal and commercial buildings, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, factories, schools, etc..
• Standard platform size is 1405 x 1980 mm (W x D).
• Can be installed on the floor without a hole or holes 20 mm
• doors with panoramic windows.
• Panel lift shafts made of glass or steel panel.
• Choose a color by color hundreds of RAL.
• Install both inside and outside.


Margin of safety. Emergency lighting and alarm to ensure you feel completely safe.

Installed quickly.


Cibes A8000 can be installed on the floor without a hole. The body was transported along with the elevator shafts of semi-finished products. The panel is made of steel or glass panels.

The CE.


Cibes A8000 compliance with all relevant and necessary to the health and safety.



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