Goods Lifts



Goods lift to suit your specific needs, giving robust and dependable floor to floor movement of goods.

In no time at all, you could be the owner of a goods lift that is working and saving both time and effort for your staff, which helps to keep costs down. All goods lifts can be manufactured in a few weeks and can be installed and working within a few days.

Whether you are lifting palletized goods, large roll containers, warehouse stock, furniture or bulky goods, heavy electrical or industrial equipment, trolleys, sack barrows or washing machines, you can choose to suit your exact lifting requirements.

Installation notes and builder’s work:

Preliminaries: All that is normally required is an appropriately-sized opening in each floor and a three phase electrical power supply.

After the installation: Your builder will need to provide an enclosure around the goods lift. Permanent safe access to the motor must be provided to comply with current safety regulations. Once the work has been completed we will show you how to use the lift properly.


Brief specification:

Control: Fully automatic push button control with call and dispatch facilities at each landing entrance.
Indicators: “In use” indicators are fitted at each entrance for extra reassurance, together with a lift arrival buzzer.
Installation: A goods lift normally takes a few days to install, depending on site conditions. Once the work has been completed we will show you how to use the lift properly.
Manufacture: A few weeks.
Maintenance: We recommend the goods lift is serviced and inspected every month by competent lift technicians. This is to ensure efficient and reliable operation. We will arrange servicing after installation.
Guarantee: The goods lift is guaranteed for twelve months from completion of installation,
subject to it being serviced regularly by our technicians.
Policy: We are continually developing and improving the goods lift range and reserve the right to alter specifications, dimensions and prices without prior notice.



Specifications of Goods Lifts


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